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Celebrating International Quilt Day!

Saturday, March 16, was International Quilt Day, better known in this Quilt Guild, as our annual Cuddle Quilt Day! Guild members and members of the public gathered together at the church hall and enjoyed a busy day putting the finishing touches on a colourful array of donated quilts.  On-site sewing, quilting, binding, adding Guild labels and more took place through…
17 March 2024
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In like a lamb?

Hopefully this photo of Pam W.'s Snowflake is the last we see of the white stuff for a while. According to the weather gurus, March came in like a lamb – nice and quiet. That might be true for the weather but certainly doesn't describe the level of activity in our Guild. Our activity level continues to stay more lion-like…
15 March 2022
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March 2020 Meeting

Yes, we had a fabric sale! Our March meeting was the last of our "winter" meetings when we meet in the afternoon, on April 6 we will return to evening meetings, the hall opens at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7 pm. At the April meeting Marilyn V and Krista will regale us with the latest and greatest quilting…
Guild Blogger
11 March 2020
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Cuddle Quilt Day 2018

This picture was taken early on, the church pews were beginning to fill up. Thanks to everyone, members and guests who came for the day or part of it to help with this year's Cuddle Quilt Day. We had over 60 people and 121 quilts were finished. Many were machine quilted and quite a few were tied. I know these…
Guild Blogger
18 March 2018
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March 2018 Meeting

Vicki's two finished pieces from a Sherida Giddings workshop, using patterns from Quiltworx, The last of our winter daytime meetings was held on Monday. We go back to evening meetings for April, May and June. The hall will be open by 6:30, the meetings start at 7pm. We had another wonderful show and tell. You can see the pictures here …
Guild Blogger
7 March 2018
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Cuddle Quilt Day 2017

We held our Cuddle Quilt Day this year in March rather than January when the weather can be so unpredictable. I think this will be our regular day for Cuddle Quilt Day now, the weather was great and we had a terrific turnout of members, past members, guests and members of the community. Many, may thanks to everyone who came,…
Guild Blogger
24 March 2017