President’s Challenge 2024:

Want to take part in this year’s President’s Challenge? The Challenge project, due at the April meeting in 2024, is based on a pack of ugly fabric. To be eligible, you have either participated in the ugly fabric game at the September 2023 meeting, or signed up for a kit of ugly fabric to be picked up at the October 2023 meeting.

Either way, your package of ugly fabric will total 1 meter, comprised of 4 different pieces – a half meter, a fat quarter, and two one-eighths.

The rules for the Challenge are:

  1. you may use all pieces
  2. you can exclude one piece, if you wish
  3. you may add up to 2 extra fabrics, if you wish
  4. you may make anything you want from a mug rug to a wall hanging or a pair of sleep shorts or a pouch/bag.
  5. Anything that is sewn is acceptable.

The finished piece is required back for the April 8th, 2024 meeting with no name visible so that voting can take place for the favourite entry.  The entry with the most votes will get a prize from the President and you take home your sewn item.

If you have any questions, please contact Annette at .


How to Make a Quilt Sleeve:

A Quilt Sleeve made to the specifications provided n the document below will ensure that your quilt will meet the hanging requirements of most quilt shows.  The extra ‘tuck’ ensures the quilt hangs smoothly from the rods used in the display equipment.

Downloadable pdf with sleeve directions


Guild members have always been generous in turning their talents to charitable causes. Contributions of Cuddle Quilts, Preemie Quilts, Bravery Bead bags and for the IWK Pillow Project are welcome.

Cuddle Quilt Guidelines:

Donations of Cuddle Quilts are welcome throughout the year. However, each spring, the Guild hosts Cuddle Quilt Day to bring together Guild members and the community to prepare quilts for donation. Mark your calendar for March 18, 2023!  Click here for more information on Cuddle Quilt Day and to get some ideas for charity quilts.


IWK Pillowcase Project – Instructions:

There is an ongoing call for pillowcases for patients at the IWK. Here are the Guidelines.

Bravery Bead bags – Instructions:

Patients at the IWK Children’s Hospital receive beads representing treatments and milestones throughout their illness.  Over 200 bags have been donated by N.S. quilters to date. The pattern is easy to follow and arrangements will be made to gather new donations in the coming months.

If you have any questions, please contact