About The Guild

For over 30 years, the Mahone Bay Quilters’ Guild has brought together the quilting community on the south shore of Nova Scotia and beyond.

To new and experienced quilters interested in traditional, modern and art quilts, the Guild provides opportunities to learn new skills and techniques and the chance to share quilting experiences. Guild members benefit through monthly meetings and newsletters, a resource library, weekly sewing get-togethers, workshops with talented teachers, and special events like our bi-annual Quilt Show. The Guild is a regular contributor to community events that also showcase the work of our members.

In-person activities take place in Mahone Bay but technology plays a pivotal role in fostering this community of quilters. Zoom meetings and workshops keep us in contact with each other and with teachers near and far, and allow us to work around  bad weather and pandemics alike.

Join us! Meetings are held September to June on the first Monday of the month at 7 pm, with afternoon meetings at 1 pm from January to March. Information on annual membership is here.

Mahone Bay Quilters' Guild Executive 2024-2025

  • President: Nina Scott-Stoddart
  • Vice-President: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Kellie Anne Skelton
  • Secretary: Eldora Baillie
  • Communications: Cheryl Borden
  • Membership: Betty Learning
  • Library: Judy Cooper
  • Past President: Annette Fralic
  • Workshops: Pina Wall
  • Monthly Program: Janet Joyce (to end of 2024)
  • Newsletter: Sheena Gibbs
  • Quilt Show: Donna Egan