Special Events – EQ Teachers

Since 2001, the Guild has welcomed an Extraordinary Quilter (EQ) each spring to showcase her work at an annual event – originally a dessert party, and more recently, an afternoon tea. Guild members have enjoyed several days of quilt workshops to learn more from each EQ. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about these extraordinary quilters.

2019                    Elaine Quehl

2018                    Janet Barker

2017                    Krista Hennebury

2016                    Katie Pasquini Masopust

2015                    Becky Goldsmith

2014                    Ana Buzzalino

2013                    Marianne Hatton

2012                    Lynne Edwards

2011                    Anne Morrell Robinson

2010                    Sharon Pedersen

2009                    Pamela Allen

2008                    Judy Morningstar

2007                    Paula Nadelstern

2006                    Gail Hunt

2005                    Rosemary Makhan

2004                    Jo Diggs

2003                    Heather Stewart

2002                    Anne Morrell Robinson

2001                    Kay Phillips