Cuddle Quilt Day

For over 20 years, the Guild has been making and donating quilts to those in need. Quilts can be dropped off at any Guild meeting, or the annual Cuddle Quilt Day, which is an important event for the Guild each year.

On Cuddle Quilt Day (usually held in March) Guild members gather to work on and prepare charity quilts. Members bring in quilt tops, quilts and fabric along with sewing machines, and sewing supplies to make various sized quilts for local charities. It is also an opportunity to collect all those quilts that members have worked on throughout the year, to provide them to organizations who can ensure that they reach those who might benefit from them.

Many thanks to everyone who participates, everyone who donates fabric and time and all the members who have made quilts over the years!

Watch the Newsletter for more details about our next Cuddle Quilt Day!


Cuddle Quilt Guidelines at a glance
Fabric Please use good quality quilting cotton or batik fabrics made from 100% cotton.  Batting should be either 100% cotton or 80/20 cotton/poly.


Sizes Quilts can be any size up to twin.  Here are some common sizes: wheelchair 36” x 36” baby 30” x 40” crib 36” x 52 throw/lap 50” x 65”  twin 70” x 90”

Preemie quilts are also welcome. Size should be approx. 31″ x 33″ and all materials should be cotton. There should be no metallic or polyester materials or surface embellishments.


Quilting Quilting density (at a minimum) should be as recommended by the batting manufacturer, to ensure your quilt is enjoyed for a long time.


Quilt Patterns Your quilt can be any pattern.  But if you’d like some suggestions, here are some free patterns available.  click here  click here   click here

Wheelchair Quilts Quilts for those in wheelchairs are shaped to ensure they corners don’t get caught in the wheels.    Here is a sample of a pattern  click here


Bags For those who would prefer to make a bag.  How about a bag for a walker?  These are wonderful for people who can’t afford the extra cost of a bag for their walker or wheelchairs. Here are a couple of free patterns, as examples.

Sew Modern Bags click here

See Stars Quilting click here

Shawls The Quilted Hug Project has a pattern for a shawl that can be worn, giving comfort to someone in a wheelchair:

Pattern  click here

YouTube video  click here