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This picture was taken early on, the church pews were beginning to fill up. Thanks to everyone, members and guests who came for the day or part of it to help with this year’s Cuddle Quilt Day. We had over 60 people and 121 quilts were finished. Many were machine quilted and quite a few were tied. I know these quilts will bring warmth and comfort to a lot of people who need them.

A lot of preemie quilts for the IWK NICU came in this year for which I am eternally grateful. I know the families and babies will appreciate them so much.

Marilyn V’s quilt, a simple pattern combined with great fabric makes a wonderful quilt! Thanks to all the organizers for keeping us on our toes! And many thanks to all who brought delicious soups, sandwiches, biscuits and sweets for lunch!

See more pictures of Cuddle Quilt Day on our Flickr page here.