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A couple of pictures to remind you we have the June dinner and AGM to look forward to…we hope! And won’t it be a wonderful sew and tell!

*A quick post to let you know that our regular Guild meetings on April 6 and May 4, 2020 have been cancelled. Should anything change  (and we sincerely hope it does!) we will be in touch via email as well as here on the blog.

The executive also wants you to know that we are still working on your behalf. We managed to have a meeting before the stricter size of gatherings went into effect. I expect we will now meet online until things change.

While we were very disappointed to cancel our EQ Mary Elizabeth Kinch this year but you can go back and see all the other 19 (!) Extraordinary Quilters that we have hosted in the last 19 years! Take some time and see the incredible quilters who have come to our Guild. To find the go here, the main page of our Guild blog, then scroll down, watching the right hand side, where there are several lists, the last one is called “Extraordinary Quilter Workshops: The Teachers. Just click on a name and you will go to their website or a page with information about the teacher. If you end back at the Guild page, that means there is no longer a link. Who is your favourite? Did you know that one EQ came back a second time? Did you know that we have had 13 Canadian EQ’s, 5 from the US and 1 from England. I have updated all the links, two of our past teachers are no longer active on the internet and do not have websites, Sharon Pederson and Rosemary Makhan but I have left their names on our list to recognize their contribution to our EQ events.

Be sure and stay in touch. You can find us and many members and friends on our Guild Facebook page here (please ask to join and you will be included soon after). There are also many quilt related pages on Facebook – the Nova Scotia Online Quilters, Canadian Quilters etc. no need to feel alone! We are also on Instagram. Just search for the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild and start sharing your pictures.