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Hello Fellow Quilters,

I hope all are safe and well while adapting to our new normal during Covid 19. From Facebook posts to chats, I see that many of you are using time to finish off UFO’s or to begin new projects. I already had plenty of time to quilt so I am not producing too much more than before but, WOW, some of you who do have more time are being super productive. I admit I may have joined a few more Facebook groups and I love to see your quilts and the challenges that all are taking part of. On the lighter side, many have gone from being fabric hoarders to being very well prepared during our home containment. We will have one heck of a Sew and Tell when meetings get back to normal!

Quilting is good for our minds and souls (except when the seam ripper comes into play)! Did you know that studies have shown that quilting improves cognitive, emotional and social processes? Since we cannot go out and gather as usual, quilting is a way of filling time and allows us time to create freely. We all have favourite colours and color can be psychologically uplifting (proof as I got happy after just seeing Donna Veinot’s One Block Wonder). Quilting is challenging, demands concentration and quilters maintain and learn new skills which is good exercise for our brains. Mental activities like quilting keep our minds trained on one thing, which can reduce the stress of what is going around us. We make new friends with common interests and form social networks. Compliments from others give our self-esteem a boost and encourages us to go on and try new things. When we donate to others we have a greater feeling of purpose.  I can see truth in this!

This time has been challenging for the Guild as we have had to cancel many of our activities and change plans that had already been made.  The most recent disappointing but understandable news is that the Scarecrow Festival has been cancelled and that means no Quilt Show this year.  We have received news of this just a few days ago and you will be updated with any pertinent information at a later time. I would like to thank all who have volunteered and put time into planning this year’s event. Also thank you to our membership who have busy making quilts to display or items for the boutique. Your Executive and Committees are still meeting (over Zoom) to carry out business and plan for the time when we can resume regular meetings again.  There may be “What ifs” and plans may have to be altered again to coordinate with changes out of our control during this unpredictable time. 

In trying to keep our Guild running somewhat normal during this time we will have to adjust our regular way of doing business. I know you will want to do all that is necessary to ensure a smooth transition when we are able to meet again. Now, more than ever this Newsletter is a vital form of communication where Guild information, updates or requests will made. 

Please continue to vote for Volunteer of the Year. There are many who go above and beyond and they should be recognized for their commitment, time and contribution made to our Guild.

Use this time to complete your Cuddle quilt or Challenge quilt. Both are very worthwhile and rewarding causes and it makes you feel good to give to those in need.

Please keep updated through this Newsletter and notices from our Communications Committee. Please participate if requests are made.

Help keep everyone safe, thanks to all for making and donating facemasks.

In closing, continue to stay safe and the Executive is hoping to be able to see you soon. Occasionally check on each other, especially those who may be living alone.


Pam Wells

*reproduced here with permission!