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*Cuddle Quilt Day – Sat. March 28 has been cancelled. But we still need cuddle quilts! So please take the day or any other days and make a cuddle quilt or a cuddle quilt top. the need is still there whether we have our day or not. 

BUT YOU ARE NOT OFF THE HOOK…… Why not take that day (or any other day that something has been cancelled) and make a cuddle quilt top or complete quilt for our Cuddle Quilt recipients?  

To make it more fun and enticing, we would like you to post a picture of your creation on the MBQG Facebook page. The photo can show your completed Cuddle quilt or completed quilt top. If your picture is posted by midnight on March 28, you will receive one entry per posted item into a draw for a great quilter prize to be given when our next meeting is held. (Posting on our MBQG Facebook page is easy.  If you have not joined our page, just click on the request to join at the top of the page, then one of the administrators will approve the request and then you can post your picture. Or if you aren’t on Facebook, email your photo to Barb Robson ( and she will post it for you.) Let’s hope we can make a nice pile of quilts to deliver to those who need them as soon as our world gets back to normal.


*Slow Quilting at the Biscuit Eater Cafe has been cancelled for the time being, they are open for take-out only, their diningrooms are closed. We will be in touch when they re-open and we can get back to our regular slow quilting days. Support your local small businesses, order some takeout!


 *2020 Extraordinary Quilter Tea and Workshops is cancelled with Mary Elizabeth Kinch. Many of you have already bought tickets or reserved a space in a workshop or two. The MBQG executive will be meeting on Friday March 20 and will be in touch soon after that meeting with information about refunds/credits etc.

This would have been our 20th Extraordinary Quilter event and we were really looking forward to it. The best thing you can do is make a quilt or two, order some fabric from a local quilt shop, stay in touch online. We can do this!! Support your local quilt store through this difficult time!