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Making Do

Making Do is the title of a small exhibition of quilts at the Ross Farm Museum. It was curated by our very own Polly Greene. All the quilts were made sometime between 1800-1920. Most of the quilts Polly chose were very utilitarian, they were made to keep someone warm. Several of the quilts were made with homespun woolen fabrics and…
Guild Blogger
2 July 2016
CommunityCuddle QuiltsGood Deeds

IWK Preemie Quilts Delivery

Many thanks to all the wonderful quilters from the MBQG and the Mayflower Quilters Guild who made and donated over 80 preemie quilts for the IWK NICU. Kate, Evan and Ben made the delivery, the nurses were ecstatic to have their quilt supply replenished. It is hard to believe but in the last 9 years we have made and donated…
Guild Blogger
19 March 2016
CommunityQuilt Show

Quilt Show Raffle News

Secrets and Shadows, the MBQG 2016 raffle quilt was pieced by Gail Stryde and machine quilted by Lynn Jones. As most of you are aware the Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival, in the past, has been booked the first weekend in Oct. Our Quilt Show is booked the same weekend to maximize visitors to our Quilt Show. We became aware of…
Guild Blogger
5 February 2016
CommunityCuddle QuiltsInspiration

Cuddle Quilt Day 2016

The Friday storm couldn't stop us! We filled the hall with quilters and friends for our 23rd annual Cuddle Quilt Day. By the end of the day over 100 quilts of various sizes were quilted or tied, ready to be donated to several local charities. We would like to acknowledge and thank Avonport Discount Fabrics, Lynn's Quilting Studio and Suttles…
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5 February 2016
CommunityEventsMembersQuilt Show

Father Christmas Festival Quilt Show

We did it again! many thanks to our members who loaned us their quilts, wall hangings, table runners and so much more. The Welcome Centre is truly welcoming and I know it will be a highlight of the Festival for everyone who comes in. You would never know that the bed is actually packing boxes! "Before" - a work in…
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28 November 2015
CommunityEventsGood DeedsQuilt Show

Mice Making!

Suttles and Seawinds asked the Guild to help them make some mice for their "Nutcracker Fantasy" display which will be in the Suttles and Seawinds Barn during the Father Christmas Festival in Mahone Bay November 28-29 and Dec 5-6. Details and a schedule for the Festival can be found here. "Cheddar Mouse" was our prototype and by the end of…
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12 November 2015

Our 3rd Annual Quilter’s Yard Sale

Another very successful yard sale! The crowds turned out and I think most people were pleased with their sales. I know I was and the bonus was seeing so many quilting friends from all over! A real treat. Laurie, Marilyn, Anna and Bev wearing hand made fascinators for the day! Guild members had fun too, what a great bunch with a…
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4 May 2015
CommunityCuddle Quilts

Cuddle Quilt Day 2015

Well, we finally had a beautiful day to gather at the church hall and make some cuddle quilts for local charities. Twice we had to cancel because of weather and once for a funeral. Many Guild members and friends came to stitch, sew, tie and quilt quilts of all sizes. We have a super organizing committee of Valerie, Sheila and…
Guild Blogger
2 March 2015
CommunityMeetingsQuilt Show

October 2014 Meeting

Admiring Isabel Fncy's quilt "Windmills", Viewer's Choice Award winner and CQA ribbon winner. Our October 2014 meeting was the day after our Quilt Show closed, but we still had a great turnout and as always a very interesting program thanks to Bonnie Spinney from Sew With Vision. By all accounts the quilt show was a terrific success, details and a…
Guild Blogger
18 October 2014