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What a summer! From the dry days of April and May, to the pouring rain in June, the oppressive humidity of July and the torrential July downfall, this has certainly been one to remember. Of course, it ain’t over yet but we can hope that the worst is behind us!


One positive note is the effect of all this on our gardens. Bushes that have had only a modest presence in my garden are now overflowing with blooms from the unique combination of hot days and never ending rain.  It’s nice to see all that colour – and what a perfect setting to introduce still more colour into the landscape. Yes, it’s Outdoor Quilt Day once again!

You’ve no doubt seen Annette’s email reminder. This is your chance to give some of your quilts a fresh air experience. Show them off for your neighbours and passers by with your display of a quilt or quilts this Saturday, August 5. The forecast calls for some rain so if need be, Sunday the 6th is our rain date. Show one – show more! Show them for a few moments, or  a few hours – depending on where you live and how safely you can put them on display. At the very least, use the day as a photo opportunity. Like people, quilts really shine when they are photographed outside in the fresh air and sunlight. Not at home? Take one with you to your favourite spot at the cottage, at the beach, or really anywhere at all. You might get a bit of attention but why not show off your work! Take a photo and send it to me at  or post it on our Facebook page. Why not encourage your friends and family to take part – all are welcome. Outdoor Quilt Day is really a day to celebrate this addictive hobby of ours – whether you make them or simply have the pleasure of owning one. We’re looking forward to your photos.

Any plans for the rest of the summer? Just in case you are out and about exploring the roads – and quilt shops – in this lovely province of ours, we have a new tool for you. Thanks to Jill G.’s hard work, we now have a Google map showing the quilt shops and longarmers throughout the province. You will find the link on our Quilting Services page here  or directly here. If you come across a business that hasn’t made it on to this version, please let us know and we can add it in.

Why not plan a Quilt Shop Hop? Living in Ontario for a number of years, I had the pleasure of an annual shop hop, organized by local quilt shops,  taking me to all the quilt stores in my area one weekend each fall. The State of Maine holds one every April for the entire month! Check it out here. This one is on my bucket list! We hope you find the new map useful.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. See you next month!