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It’s February already and so far, winter has not been too bad. In fact, Shubenacadie Sam is predicting an early spring! However, there is little doubt that there are still some snow days in store, though quilters know they are just another good excuse to spend the day stitching.

Cathy D’s Fall Growth

More than 40 Guild members joined the meeting on February 1st. Stay tuned for the Minutes to get the details on the Business portion of the meeting. Be sure to check out the February Show and Share – a limited showcase this month for sure, but as you can see from the two examples in this post, well worth the visit. The highlight of the evening was the second edition of Gadgets and Gizmos, brought to the group by Krista and Marilyn! Sadly, I missed the previous edition – where on earth was I? Glad I was here for this one, though. The newest gadgets, the essential tools and useful ideas that had never occurred to me, were all on display. If you’re a member, you’ve already received your copy of the Gadgets and Gizmos Buying Guide, with handy info on where to track them down. Happy shopping!

Vicki B’s Dresden Neighbourhood

Don’t forget Slow Stitching on February 8 and 22. If you haven’t signed up already, be sure to check out the upcoming workshops – the Fibre Art Wine Bags this week and the upcoming Dresden Neighborhood workshop in March. Vicki beat us to the punch with her colourful version of the neighbourhood (check out that background) – this should be a fun workshop as we tackle our own unique neighbourhoods.   Check our list of Meetings and Events for more information on dates and how to sign up for the workshops.

We hope everyone can join us at the March 1st meeting, with our special guest speaker. In the meantime, have a great Valentine’s Day!