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Our third annual New Members Tea was held on Monday September 16, 2019. The tea is hosted by the executive, Christine polishes her silver service and it always adds such “glamour” to the table.

We were delighted to have 3 of our new members, Judy Cooper, Janet Joyce and Isabel Burgess (Isabel who is from Paradise in the Valley, won a membership at our Extraordinary Tea last spring). Welcome to you all! We also had 2 of our “Life Members” join us, Sandy Alexander and Sandy Bruce.

We are a big guild, we always get a lot of members to our meetings, it can be overwhelming but by hosting an afternoon tea it gives us a chance to spend time and get to know our new members. We understand that it is hard to get everyone out on any given day, we were missing quite a few new members and wished they could have joined us. Please don’t hesitate to raise your hand to ask a question, approach any of the executive if you have a question or a suggestion. All new members are given a “Guild Glossary” when they join, be sure and read through it, the more you now about the Guild the more you will get out of it.

For the new members who couldn’t make the tea, you are very welcome to join us at our Slow Quilting afternoons at the Biscuit Eater Cafe (16 Orchard St., Mahone Bay) on Monday September 30 from 2-4pm. Even if you don’t have any hand sewing/quilting to do come out and meet you other Guild members, we always have lots to chat about! Future dates are October 21 and November 18. Slow Quilting is open to all members.

Also a reminder about emails, all Guild related emails come from Krista Garber, usually an email about the Guild will have “MBQG” in the subject line. Be sure and read them, be aware of what is going on so you don’t miss anything!

A few more pictures can be found on our Flickr pages (just click on the red “here” link) here