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May Meeting

About thirty or so Members made it to the in-person meeting on May 2. Unfortunately, the hybrid format has posed us some issues. That's something we can work on – with declining case counts, perhaps more of us will be able to make our way back to in-person events in the coming months. Zoom has been a lifeline for many…
Guild Blogger
6 May 2022
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Take A Tour Of Our New Website!

Welcome! The new Mahone Bay Quilters' Guild web site is now live and waiting for you to explore. In this post, we'll offer you a guided tour – but don't hesitate to explore on your own. Plans for the new site have been percolating for a bit, and we are very pleased to finally invite you to take a look.…
3 May 2022
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In like a lamb?

Hopefully this photo of Pam W.'s Snowflake is the last we see of the white stuff for a while. According to the weather gurus, March came in like a lamb – nice and quiet. That might be true for the weather but certainly doesn't describe the level of activity in our Guild. Our activity level continues to stay more lion-like…
15 March 2022
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February, a LOVEly month!

What's not to love about February!  OK, OK, besides the weather! This is the month that brings us Valentine's Day to remind us how much we care about friends and family.  February is also the month when we see that first - very early - glimmer of spring. Days become longer - hey, it's still light at 5 pm and…
9 February 2022

Time to visit the library?

This winter, it seems that there is one snowy day after another.  Road conditions and the cold temperatures are a great incentive to keep many of us comfy at home - and with covid still looming, there isn't really much going on anyway, is there?However, sooner or later, it's nice to come up for air and venture outside. Perhaps a…
31 January 2022
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A New Year Begins

Well, we have left 2021 behind us - yet another challenging year. Surely 2022 willbe a turning point. Our hopes are high for some kind of 'normal' this year with the prospect of regular in-person meetings and get-togethers as we move through the spring, topped off with a stellar quilt show in the fall.  For now, thank goodness for Zoom and…
13 January 2022
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Merry Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly - and to be oh, so busy baking, finishing up those last minute sewing projects and getting ready for Santa's visit. Hopefully, this rather tardy blog post finds you with everything done, wrapped and under the tree. Not even close at our house, but maybe at yours? The Guild has had a busy month.…
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15 December 2021
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Time To Be Sew-Cial!

Well, fall is in full swing - and so is our Guild! Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Or do you just need some sew time with quilting friends?  If you read your newsletter, you already know about these - but just in case... The Christmas Sew-cial on Saturday, November 13 will give you a headstart on Christmas sewing and other…
Guild Blogger
27 October 2021
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunflower runner by Donna V. It's October already and Thanksgiving is looming just around the corner. Hopefully, many of us will be able to spend the holiday weekend with family and/or friends. If that's not possible, at least enjoy the long weekend in this lovely fall weather or spend some time playing with fabric in your sewing room. Our second…
Guild Blogger
6 October 2021
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Back to Quilting – Another Year Ahead

As summer comes to an end, how great to be back to quilting and the start of Guild activities for the year. September 2021 Hybrid Guild Meeting Our  new quilting year began this past week with our monthly Guild meeting, on Monday, September 13. This was a landmark for the Guild - our first hybrid meeting, combining a "mask-to-mask"meeting of…
Guild Blogger
19 September 2021