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After our second year of pandemic restrictions, it was great to have our Annual General Meeting in person with over forty members present. As members entered, they ran the gauntlet of handing in current membership forms, paying their dues for next year, picking up postcards and posters to share the news of our upcoming quilt show and picking up their raffle tickets to sell. 

Our final meeting of the 2021-2022 year then began with a book sale, coffee and treats. After approval of the various reports distributed in our most recent newsletter, it was time to thank outgoing members of the executive for their contributions before electing new volunteers to various positions. Our thanks to outgoing volunteers Alicia Anderson (Workshops), Elizabeth Tumblin (Membership), Gail Stryde (Newsletter) and Mary Gray (Programs).

2021 – 2022 MBQG Executive Committee

We learned in the Quilt Show update that raffle tickets will be sold at the Lunenburg and Hubbards Farmers Markets. Volunteers are always needed!

Members are reminded that registration for the quilt show is running from June 1-30. The whole process can be completed online this year, which is exciting as it makes it easier for organizers. Of course you can still email your forms and photos to Cheryl Borden, as outlined in a recent email. Please note, Silent Auction Challenge Quilts do not count as one of your three quilts that can be entered into the quilt show.

As for the Boutique, Ann and Christine noted that the most popular items sold in the past are typically in the $3-$20 range. With limited space, if your inventory becomes low you will be called to see if you wish to refresh the inventory. Yardage or bundles of fat quarters must be tied and presented in a pleasing manner.

President, Krista Garber and Past President, Pam Wells

One of the most important items on Monday was when our outgoing  President, Krista Garber, was presented with our Volunteer of the Year award. She has led us through possibly the two most difficult years in the Guild history so it is no wonder our members cheered with this announcement.



We also honoured five more members who have reached Life Member status. For the 2022-2023 year we have 16 Life Members! The knowledge we have collectively is impressive!

Another highlight of the evening was the sharing of the three quilts our Guild members made as part of the Quilts for Survivors project. We know that the three ladies who are survivors of Residential/Federal Day Schools in the North will really appreciate the work of Guild members. Thanks to all who contributed!

Throughout the evening we had several prize draws. The main game with a prize of gorgeous fabric donated by Heidi Wulfraat of Woolworks Studio was won by Christine Bell.image15.jpeg

Our evening concluded with Sew and Tell. Be sure to check out the fabulous quilts made by our members in the Flickr album!

Sew and Tell!

Thanks to all our members who made 2021-2022 an enjoyable year!

Elizabeth Tumblin