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First of all I want to thank the members (and friends) of the Mahone bay Quilt Guild for their generous donations of 103 preemie quilts that have been donated to the NICU at the IWK Children’s Hospital in Haliax. This project has been going for 12 years now and I estimate that we have donated approximately 1500 quilts…so far!

It all started when my identical twin grandsons were born prematurely on May 5, 2007 at the IWK. Ben weighed 2lbs and Liam weighed 2lbs 10 oz. They had a very difficult start to life, especially Liam. We spent many hours at the NICU over the next 3 months and periodically little quilts would appear on the linen cart. I asked where they came from and the nurses didn’t really know who had donated them. I asked if they wanted more, that I knew some quilters who would love to make some! And that is how it started. Sadly, Liam died on June 15, 2007 but I think of him every time I see a preemie quilt, knowing how comforting that quilt will be to other families just like they were to us. Ben is a happy, strong, active and very healthy 12 year old now. He is always eager to help deliver the preemie quilts so he can go back to the NICU and show the nurses just how well he is doing. He did that on Saturday and they were thrilled to see him and all the quilts. Thanks again!

Our quilt guild year is quickly coming to an end. September seems like only yesterday! We have our June pot luck dinner and AGM on June 3 along with a program presented by Heidi Wulfraat from “Woolworks” a local Mahone Bay yarn, wool and fabric shop. Be sure and visit her website here

We had a wonderful May meeting, show and tell and program. Our Guild members continue to impress and inspire us! Be sure and visit our Flickr pages to see pictures from our Yard Sale our May show and tell and Vicki’s wonderful presentation of her bags here.

You can find Vicki’s list of her sources for bag patterns, hardware etc just to the right of this post under “Piecemakers By The Sea” right at the bottom of the list!

This is our big 19th Extraordinary Quilter week coming up. We are so thrilled to be welcoming Elaine Quehl back to Nova Scotia. Elaine will present a trunk show at our “Afternoon Tea and Quilts By The Sea” to 170 eager quilters and friends. Then she will teach at a 2 day workshop and then a 1 day workshop. Watch this space for pictures from all the events!