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MBQG Members at the 2011 Quilters Retreat

The Mahone Bay Quilters Guild was well represented at the 13th Mayflower Quilters Retreat at Pictou Lodge. Jamie and Sharon were the winners of our two scholarships to go to the Retreat.

Jamie took Elaine Quehl's "Machine Quilting Boot Camp".

Sharon had a great time in Daphne Greig's class "Give and Take Applique".

In all 11 members of our Guild were at the Retreat.

Patsy was also in Elaine's machine quilting class.

Vicki really mastered the machine quilting class.

Rebecca was in Jane Sassaman's class "Abstracting from Nature".

As was Teri.

Betsey and Polly chose to do Independent Study in their cabin.

Bev chose to work in the Independent Study room.

Ld - debbieLatwork
Debbie worked in the Independent classroom too.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Many thanks to the Guild members who have supported our fund raising efforts and thanks too for supporting members with the scholarships.

To see more pictures from the retreat go to our blog at:

The 14th Mayflower Quilters Retreat has been booked for September 25-29, 2013, start saving!