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This winter, it seems that there is one snowy day after another.  Road conditions and the cold temperatures are a great incentive to keep many of us comfy at home – and with covid still looming, there isn’t really much going on anyway, is there?However, sooner or later, it’s nice to come up for air and venture outside. Perhaps a walk or some winter sports, or a necessary trip to the grocery store or pharmacy (or your favourite quilt shop), are what you choose as a break from your time indoors.

However, why not take a trip to the Margaret Hennigar Library in Bridgewater? If you’ve read this month’s newsletter, you already know that once again, the Guild has installed a quilt display to brighten the library and show off the talents of our members. The photos are great. I’ve featured a few here and more are in your  newsletter or on Flickr – but as you already know, seeing quilts in person is so much better. Be sure to check it out.  The quilts will hang until February 24th so there is still time for you to take in the show.

By the way, did you know that the public library has digital copies of popular quilt magazines, like McCall’s Quilting and American Patchwork and Quilting (and more) for you to borrow?  While you can’t print from the digital copy, it is really useful if you want to check out the quilts in each issue and find out how they were made.  If you’re not already signed up for digital loans, just check with your local librarian or look for Libby on their web site. It’s really quite easy!