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Barbs studio Jan 2014 03

Several of our members have contributed pictures of where they sew/quilt. you can see the pictures here on our Flickr page Quilters Quarters Do visit and see how we manage in small spaces, big spaces and everything in between. If your space is there and has changed, please send some new pictures. If you haven’t yet shared your pictures, please do! I have just added one more to Quilter’s Quarters. Be sure and check Anne W’s space out. I hadn’t looked at this album in a while and realized I hadn’t updated my own pictures since we moved in 2013. above is one end of my sewing room, my husband built both my sewing table (with a Lee Valley sewing machine lift which lowers my machine to be flush with the table top) and my cutting table. I love my space in our 1860’s house, it is small and full!