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25th Anniversary Celebration

Anna and Michele cut the anniversary cake.

We have been waiting for this special evening the entire Guild year and what a wonderful celebration it was! Almost 100 members and special guests came to help celebrate. Anna and her bee, the BayBees, worked hard for 4 months to organize the evening down to the smallest detail! Thank you all so much!


Anna, Winnie, Sandy H, Sandy A, Sandy B and Linda lead us in song "The Quilt Lovin' Gals" (the words can be found here.)

The hall looked wonderful, all decked out in white and blue with flowers and centrepieces, the Guild banner and our beautiful 2016 raffle quilt "Secrets and Shadows" (pieced by Gail Stryde and machine quilted by Lynn Jones).


Cathy welcomes everyone

We even managed to squeeze in a quick AGM into the festivities! President Cathy did a great job to keep us to our 20 minutes of allotted time. After dedicating 4 years of her life as President, Cathy is stepping down to past president and Christine Bell is stepping up to be our President. Many thanks Cathy for all your hard work and leadership!


Cathy and Barb

I was really thrilled to be given the Volunteer of the Year Award! Many thanks to all our members who make volunteering so easy! It is a real honour to be a part of this amazing Guild, I share my award with each one of you.


Jean, Anna, Michele, Rose, Marion, Mollie and Catherine, a few of the MBQG original 16 founding members.

There are lots more pictures which can be found here, a little different from our usual Flickr pictures, there are a lot more there than we usually post. Click on the image below to access the album, and feel free to download whatever images you like—on the image you want, you'll see a little download arrow on the bottom right:

Here's to the next 25! May the years ahead be filled with lots of quilts, camaraderie and fabric!!