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Mahone Bay Founders Society Award


The Mahone Bay Quilters Guild was presented with an award for our "Group Voluntary Service" at the Founders Society Annual Dinner and Awards Ceremony. We were thrilled with the number of Guild members in attendance, especially one of our Life Members Rose Pritchard who was been a member since the beginning.

One of the founders of the Guild Anna Davison and Rose Pritchard

Sherry Hobson, introduced our Guild saying the following:

Would you raise your hand
        if you have ever slept under a quilt
        if your mother or grandmother or a relative has ever made a quilt
        if you have quilts in your home or apartment
        if you have quilted
        if you belong to the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild

We wish to present the award for Group Voluntary Service to the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild.
The Mahone Bay Quilters Guild was founded in 1991 by 3 dedicated quilters, Anna Davison, Michele Stevens, and Val Header. They advertised a meeting and 15 women arrived and we can say, the rest is quilted! Today they have 128 members from across this Province that take part in their activities. The Guild brings together people who have an interest in quilting in any form, to learn and develop quilting skills, to promote appreciation for all forms of quilting, and to share fellowship, recognition and appreciation of each other's work. Their outreach and preservation of traditional….
I would like to use their words…..Members range from beginning quilters to master craftswomen and include those who are skilled at traditional patterns and hand stitching techniques; quilters who combine traditional patterns with machine quilting techniques; art quilters and other fiber artists. Thus the Guild preserves historic quilting techniques relevant today and builds upon them in new creative ways, reflecting the continuum of this enduring craft.
I think we can add Heritage through educational programs to their achievements!
I would like to ask Cathy Drummond to come and accept this award for the Mahone Bay Quilters Guild.

President Cathy Drummond receives the award on behalf of the Guild from Michael O'Connor

I have told you who they are, Cathy will tell you what they do.
Thank you Cathy for the row over (Cathy lives on an island), and telling us about the roll the Guild encourages with quilting. May your group continue to grow and follow these footsteps. Thank you for bringing 'historic quilts' and your words.
Hands, gentler work, increasingly creative, socially encompassing, extremely time consuming, rhythmic and again, you all have earned this recognition over and over. Time to say it!
With thanks,
Sherry Hobson for the Mahone Bay Founders Society
                                    Heritage Recognition Awards 2014
Our founders Michele Stevens, Val Hearder and Anna Davison with Cathy Drummond